by Darshan Ishaya

The Ishaya’s Ascension is a simple yet powerful form of meditation that can show you how to discover inner peace. It is not a religion or a belief system, but a series of mechanical techniques that effortlessly bring one’s attention back to the present moment.

Natural, Effortless Presence

Being present is our natural state of being and all of us experience this from time to time. But as we grow-up, continuously thinking becomes the norm. Moving our attention either a little bit forward into the future, or backwards into the past becomes second nature. For most of us this is a deeply ingrained habit, but just like any other habit it can be broken.

how to find inner peace

The techniques we use when we Ascend (the name we give to using this meditation method) are a little bit different to other meditations in that they are built on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion.

These techniques can be used eyes open and eyes closed and bring you to a direct experience of the present moment – it is very easy and natural.

Your Flavour Is Unique

This is a teaching that always points the finger back to your own heart. Everybody’s life experience is different, so although the goal of wanting to experience inner peace may be the same, the path will always be unique to the individual.

Ascension can start having an affect just from ascending 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes and eyes open whilst going threw everyday activities as normal. As we continue to Ascend our relationship to our thoughts starts to change, and as our internal world changes it is reflected in our external world, typically through an experience of greater peace, joy and contentment.

As we become more aware of the tendency of the mind we start to recognise that we are not our thoughts. This becomes obvious as we recognize that thoughts come and go, and as we identify less with the mind, life becomes more smooth and joyful.

Find Peace Within Through Meditation

Classes are usually taught over a weekend but sometimes course formats vary. The classes are very interactive so it’s up to you what you get from them.

Usually some changes that people see are immediate, but some take a bit more time to become apparent. Often it’s people around us who notice the changes in us before we do.

After completing the initial weekend (called a First Sphere) you will have all the tools needed to show you how to find inner peace.

It’s possible to repeat the weekend as many times as you like after you’ve learnt (repeating is generally free of charge) and a great deal of support is available, as well as opportunities to partake in more Ascension related weekends and retreats.

How can you find inner peace? Go within.