by Sutratman Ishaya

Greater peace of mind is possible when using meditation to get relief from relief. Anxiety, also known as worry or angst, is a psychological and physiological state brought about by thinking about things that cause concern.

Due to the mind-body connection, the physical effects of anxiety include heart palpitations, muscle tension, fatigue, shortness of breath, stomach aches and even headaches. Anxiety causes your body to engage the fight or flight response.
can meditation help with anxiousness?

Blood pressure increases along with heart rate, perspiration and blood flow to your major muscle groups, whilst immune and digestive functions are inhabited. As a result, chronic anxiety is not only emotionally uncomfortable but can also be bad for your physical health too.

Shining A Light On The Hidden Cause Of Anxiety

It is a common to assume that the things you are feeling anxious about are the cause of your anxiety; whether it be your health, finances, other people’s opinions of you or whatever. However this is not the case.

Although all of the above listed physical reactions can occur when you get anxious, it is important to recognize that the ultimate cause of anxiety is excessive thinking about things that cause you concern. Without anxious thinking there would be no anxiety. It is for this reason that meditation for anxiety relief can be highly effective.

Why Therapy Can Fail At Curing Anxiety

Other approaches for healing anxiety, including counseling and psychotherapy along with more modern ‘self-help’ therapeutic techniques, can fail to deliver long-term benefits because the source of the anxiety, namely, excessive thinking about potential threats, is not fixed.

Meditation enables you to free yourself from anxiety for good, as it helps you to think less, create space between you and your anxious thoughts and live more in the present moment.

Heal Your Relationship With Your Mind

The average person has thousands of thoughts pass through their mind during any given day. The sheer quantity of thoughts happening makes any attempts to change your mind so that you ONLY have positive thoughts an almost impossible task.

So be easy on yourself if you’ve done your best to think positively, but not mastered it. Such a quest is made even trickier by the fact that most of your thoughts pass through your mind without you having any control over them whatsoever. So is it a lost cause? No!

Meditation For Stress Management

Rather than attempt the impractical task of eliminating all of your anxious thoughts, meditation allows you to do one thing: change your relationship with your thoughts.

The goal: to experience peace, irrespective of the kinds of thoughts that happen to be passing through your mind in any given moment. Imagine this liberating possibility! Your peace no longer needs to be dependent on the content of your mind.

Discover the presence of Peace that resides with you

Healing your relationship with your mind reconnects you with ever-increasing levels ofpeace, happiness, love, joy and contentment. It can once and for all free you from anxious thinking and enable you to enjoy the abundance that life has to offer.

What’s more, meditation can reveal to you the existence of a still silent presence of peace that has always existed within your awareness, but you have lost connection with due to your habit of thinking too much. All of these wonderful benefits are possible when using meditation for natural stress and anxiety relief.