by Sutratman Ishaya

Stress and meditation are two words that surprisingly do not often show up in the same sentence, despite meditating being such a powerful cure for anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Closed-eye sitting meditation have ben proven to promote physical rest and rejuvenation.

Using meditation teaches us how to think less about the past and future and be more focused on the here and now – this means our whole day is less-stressful. When combined, closed-eye and open-eyed, it can add up to the perfect formula for enjoying a more serene and stress-free life.

Stress and Meditation

The Bright Path Ishayas’ meditation techniques are one of the very few methods that can be used eyes closed and eyes-open as you go about your day.

You Need To Reduce Stress and Meditation Can Help

Although short bouts of stress can actuallyboost immunity and raise cancer-fighting molecules, being in a perpetual state of stress is a very different story. Your body ends up turning off long-term building and repair projects, speeds up the aging process and weakens its immunity.

Not only that, numerous scientific studies have found evidence that links stress with the onset of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other physical and emotional problems.

To Increase Health, You Must Reduce Stress

Stress is the main cause of health problems on the planet, according to Stanford University Medical School, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC), and numerous health experts.

Research by the cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has even suggested that over ‘95{29cd27ffccf830b178085ebb2c7d66e77fec0d05b44251bbf25e98bd262b4dc9} of all illness occurs because of stress in the body’s autonomic nervous system’. These findings all point to one simple strategy for optimal health: to increase health you must reduce stress.

Heal The Hidden Cause Of Stress

It seems fair to assume that life circumstances cause you stress. However this is not the case. Although it may appear on the surface that your workload, health, finances or whatever, all cause stress, the real reason you experience it is because you are resisting life circumstances.

The habit of resistance stems from unconscious conditioning. As we grow up we learn to allow life when it goes to plan and resist life when it doesn’t. What’s important to realise is that when you allow life, you feel good, and when you resist life you feel bad.

It is not events or circumstances that determine your emotional state, but instead, your allowance or resistance that does.

Meditation helps you to cultivate the skill of acceptance. When you accept your life you automatically experience more peace and contentment. And the best news of all, accepting your life does not mean you cannot change it. Acceptance enables you to improve your life without having to get stressed in the process.

meditation for stress relief

Experience Healing Rest Whilst Meditating

Meditation is perhaps the best way to reduce stress in the body’s autonomic nervous system. When you stop, sit down, and begin to meditate with your eyes closed, your body immediately begins to get some well-deserved rest.

When your body rests it naturally begins to heal itself. Stress that has been accumulated over the past few days, weeks or years has the opportunity to finally be released. Even better, as your body rests it disengages the fight-flight response allowing for your digestion and immunity to improve too.

But The Benefits Of Meditation Don’t Stop When You Open Your Eyes…

Meditation helps you to cultivate a more peaceful and compassionate attitude towards life. And as you continue to meditate you can also discover the underlying still silent nature of reality. A stillness that has always existed, but you’ve missed because you’ve never stopped long enough to notice it.

By learning to put your attention on the stillness that exists within your awareness, you naturally experience more peace because you feel what you focus on. Your attentiveness to stillness can allow you to experience an on-going sense of inner peace, even if your external life gets very busy. Imagine that!

Unhealthy stress reduces, healing organically occurs, happiness naturally flows and inner peace becomes infused within every moment of your life – all from seeing that meditation can be an effective antidote to stress.

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