by Sutratman Ishaya

Meditation and health are intrinsically linked. In order for you to experience true health and vitality it is vital that your body gets sufficient rest to be able to perform many of its healing functions.

On top of that, it is highly beneficial for you to reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress or downward spiraling negative emotions – because both can inhibit health if they are left unresolved.

meditation and healthThe Link Between Health And Stress

According to numerous health experts, the main cause of health problems on the planet is stress. Research by the cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that over ‘95{29cd27ffccf830b178085ebb2c7d66e77fec0d05b44251bbf25e98bd262b4dc9} of all illness occurs because of stress in the body’s autonomic nervous system’. These findings all point to the importance of reducing stress if you want to increase health. The stress-relieving benefits of regular meditation practice have been well documented.

Not Enough Hours In The Night

When you sleep, your body takes the opportunity to release stored stress. However, for many people, due to the large amounts of stress they are experiencing, they are simply not able to get enough hours of sleep at night to release the stress accumulated during the previous days, weeks or years.

The result of this modern-day predicament is ever-increasing levels of stress stored in the body. Meditation provides the body with invaluable time to relax and as a direct result, heal.

Helping Your Body Heal By Letting Go Of Unhealthy Emotions

Numerous scientific studies have also found evidence that links negative emotions with the onset of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other physical problems. It is therefore vital to reduce the amount of negative emotions you experience too, if you want to enhance health.

Letting go of unhealthy emotions requires you to heal the ultimate cause of them. It is common to believe that emotions are caused by external life circumstances. However this is not the case. Instead, the emotions you feel depend largely upon whether you are allowing, or resisting life.

Anger, sadness, fear and guilt are all the result of resisting your past or future, whereas peace, joy and contentment are the natural by-product of accepting life, exactly as it is.

health benefits of meditationFreedom From Thinking Too Much

Meditation helps you to resist life less because you learn how to engage less in judgmental thinking and be more accepting of the present moment.

Unfortunately, millions of people live their entire lives not knowing how to be present.

They go through their days going over their past or pre-playing future scenarios in their mind, again and again and again, suffering from unnecessary stress, ill health and struggle in the process – simply because they are in their heads thinking about the past and future, missing the present moment.

When you begin to see how much stress comes from overly thinking, it becomes clear that experiencing inner peace by meditating can offer a simple and natural remedy.

Your Body Doesn’t Know The Difference

Numerous scientific studies have discovered that, biochemically speaking; your body cannot tell the difference between what is happening in the real world and what is imagined in your mind.

Said another way, even if you are only thinking about a stressful situation, your body still experiences the same negative physical reactions as it would if these events were actually happening in reality. Quite remarkable, I’m sure you’ll agree!

The implications of these findings are hugely significant when it comes to health. Not only does it explain why so many people on the planet are experiencing physical conditions. It also validates the importance of learning meditation so that you think less about problematic scenarios and be more present.

Meditation Helps Unlock The Healing Power Within

The mind is the master and the body is the servant. The body follows the mind. The natural by-product of a peaceful mind is a resting body. A resting body is able to heal, as it naturally wants to. Enabling it to be in balance, function as it was meant to, age well and experience true vitality.

How are all these health benefits possible? By seeing the indisputable link between meditation and health and using meditation to rest more, resist less and reconnect with peace.

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