Meditation Retreats

To Retreat Is Sometimes To Advance.

Full enjoyment and effectiveness in this world comes from periodically withdrawing from it. Time in retreat is a gift in all ways. Fuller than a simple holiday, time spent nourishing one’s spirit / essence is recharging on all levels and very enjoyable. The bottom line is that retreating is vital in order to live a life worth living.

A meditation retreat gives you the time and space, as well as the camaraderie, to take stock, to re-prioritise and re-commit to devoting energy and time to what is truly important to you. A Bright Path Ishaya retreat gives you all that as well as the tools that you integrate into your life to deepen that connection with yourself, go beyond limiting beliefs and judgements, and to enjoy your life to the fullest.

The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension is more than a meditation practice. It gives you everything you need to live your life, filled with purpose, contentment and joy.

Mastery Retreat, June – November 2017, Spain – 2 weeks to 6 months

From 2 weeks to 6 months!

There is a purpose to every human life, and to live one’s purpose is paramount. Deep within, everyone desires freedom from all limitation. Being an awake, conscious person living in the present moment is completely possible. It is available to everyone, irrespective of life circumstances. The only thing stopping anyone from experiencing it now, is the current habit of identification with the mind.

The freedom that the Mastery Course offers is liberation from the mind. You are perfect, whole, and pure; not separate in any way; the direct experience of this is true freedom. This is not difficult to realize, only the correct approach is needed. Nor is this exclusive, it is the right of every person seeking a deeper meaning of life.

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Meditation Retreats: Worldwide

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To get the most out of your meditation retreat:

Leave it at home

As much as you can, leave all work behind. You want to leave your time on retreat completely open ended so that you can pursue whatever activity or inactivity you desire in that moment. Your to-do lists will wait for you to return.

Turn it off

Turn off your phone, leave facebook alone. Leave the world behind. It’s best if you can unplug from the goings on as much as possible. Of course stay in touch with your partner and family – but let them and everyone else know that this is your time to go within and you’ll be back, better than ever, soon.

Jump in

We’ve been running these retreats for a long time now and we know what works. Squeeze the programme and make the most of the time you have, even if that looks like closing your eyes and doing very little.

Question everything

For good reason it’s said that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. As teachers we’re here for you to get the maximum possible out of your time. Ask everything you need, share and talk. We’re never “off duty” – sometimes the most transformative conversations are the after dinner fire side chats.