by Garuda Ishaya

The benefits of meditation are open to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. The reason this is so is because true meditation is one’s natural state of being. This state exists within every person, as a direct experience of Still, Silent Awareness.

If you can imagine, your natural state is rather like the crystal clear blue sky. It is infinitely vast, open, wide and without any sense of limitation or lack. It is unbounded Peace, True Security as it is everlasting and permanent, and eternally blissful. It does not require anyone to believe that this is so – Reality is not democratic. It will always be so, whether we are aware of it or not.

Discover The Depths Of Your Being

the divine fruits of meditation

True meditation is designed to take the mind from the thinking levels of experiencing, into its own unlimited status. One must cultivate this relationship until the simple experience of Still, Silent Awareness becomes permanent. As one does this frequently, the beautiful gifts of meditation become more and more obvious and permanent.

A useful analogy: Our True nature is like an Infinite Clear Priceless Diamond. It is solid, pure with out restrictions of any kind. At the top of this diamond are many many facets. All of these facets are a different quality or flavor of our Being-ness.

One could be Peace, one could be Joy, one could be Love, and one could be Fulfillment. The Fruits are experienced sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually, but are enlivened by taking ones gentle attention inward towards the silence.

Experience The Fullness Of Life

The mind quickly becomes clarified and one pointed, as all the interference from mental mind chatter begins to slow down. As this happens our relationship to the mind begins to change from being a Master to a very useful servant. We start to see life through new eyes, hear things through new ears, as if for the first time we are actually aware, actually turning up to live a life of fulfillment.

We are no longer victims to the continuous chatter of the mind, but rather we have remembered that we unbounded awareness, the light of the mind.

Things seem to manifest much more clearly as life responds to our increasingly one pointed gentle focus on the Still, Silent Awareness within. We start to experience that life is not against us, but actually is showering unlimited riches all around usconstantly, we simply have been unaware of this abundance of Grace.

Experience Peace – Right Here, Right Now

The benefits of meditation do not take years and years of rigorous discipline to experience, nor does it require any sort of a belief system from the surface of ones mind. The mechanics of harvesting the divine fruits are simple. Take your awareness to its Source and thus you have watered your garden well and the fruits will grow healthy, vibrant and alive for your enjoyment.

Yet, these are the least of the fruits of meditation because to have one means to cultivate them all, until you flower into the eternal beauty that you are without boundary, in freedom in here and the now.

As one wise being once said “this world built on magic, not on rocks“.