About The Bright Path Ishayas

We are a group of monks who teach a meditation method called The Ishayas’ Ascension which offers a simple and swift way to move beyond the chatter of the mind into a direct experience of inner peace and happiness.

What is an Ishaya?

The word ‘Ishaya’ comes from the ancient language, Sanskrit, and literally means “for highest consciousness”. An Ishaya is therefore a person who has made the exploration and experience of consciousness a priority in their life.

To explore consciousness is to experience peace, joy, love, contentment and freedom. So if you have an interest in being more peaceful, loving, happy and free then you also have an interest in exploring consciousness because they are one and the same.




Walking Their Talk


All Bright Path teachers have gone through an in-depth training (including a 6 month residential course) where they have used the meditation techniques (called Ascension Attitudes) for long periods of time and stabilised their experience of being present and aware of still, silent consciousness.

All Ishayas have a daily commitment to their meditation practice and continue to use the techniques and to deepen their understanding. This allows us to teach meditation classes  from an authentic and peaceful place and speak from our first-hand living experience.

All of this experience means that we are committed to offering the highest levels of teaching, ensuring that you are taught by teachers with integrity and who are experienced enough to help your meditation practice be easy and enjoyable.


An Ancient, Living Teaching


Over the years the Bright Path has also been known as the Path of Joy, as well as, the Path of the Sages and the Path of the Hero. It is an oral tradition meaning the Techniques have never been shared in books but instead are always taught in person from teacher to student.

The Bright Path is known as a living teaching because it is not conceptual or belief based. We are less interested in teaching concepts about peace and much more interested in helping people experience peace, love, and joy.


Not a religion


The Ishayas’ Techniques are not a religion because there is no belief system connected with the Teaching.

The techniques do not conflict with any religion. If you do choose to align yourself with a particular religion, then using the Techniques can help you to apply the positive messages of your religion to your own life.

Amongst other benefits, practising meditation helps people to be more kind, loving and compassionate. It is immaterial if you are religious, agnostic or aethesist – the benefits of this practice are open for you.


The goal of the Ishayas


We want there to be peace on earth, and recognise that the surest way to create positive and lasting world peace is for individuals to cultivate inner peace within themselves. Our goal is therefore to help people to be peaceful, loving, happy, aware and free.

We want you to live your life aligned with the truest expression of Who You Are, fulfilling all of the potential within you, knowing that you are not separate from the inner source of peace, love and joy.

We very much look forward to the opportunity of teaching you these life-enhancing meditation techniques and giving you all the support you may need in order to enjoy the boundless benefits of meditation. We are here to serve you on your journey.

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