by Arjuna Ishaya

Are you interested in learning how to meditate? I’vlearning to meditatee been meditating for 25 years now, the last 8 of which I’ve been teaching. I’ve seen a lot in that time and so hopefully I can offer some advice that will help you fall in love with meditation like I have.

The Importance Of A Teacher

First of all I would advise you to find an actual teacher. I tried to learn from various books and good as many of them were, books are no substitute for a real-life teacher. A teacher accelerates learning in every sphere of life. Meditation is no different. Books are a great reminder of what a teacher may have said, but no substitute.

You need to be happy that the teacher walks their talk; that they are peaceful and present, but also alive, joyful and real.

Find A Meditation Technique That Works For You

There are many different meditation techniques out there. When you are exploring how to meditate it is important to realise that techniques are not all created equal.

Meditation techniques are like cars. Some are smooth, comfortable, easy to use, and fast. They are reliable, relaxing and fun. Others are bumpy, hard work, difficult to use and slow. Not fun!

You deserve a simple, effortless, fast technique and it’s worth looking for one. Accept nothing less.

It’s also worthwhile looking for a technique that you can use with your eyes open as you go about your day, as well as using with your eyes closed, like the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension. “Eyes closed” meditation is wonderful, but a tool to help maintain peace and centredness in your busy day is an invaluable addition.

For Best Results From Meditation Be Consistent

Be prepared to practice what you have learnt. Nothing happens without regular practice. If you were to learn to play the guitar, the more regularly you pick it up and practice the quicker you get better. It’s exactly the same with meditation. Gentle persistence is the key to success in every field of human endeavour.

You need to be comfortable. I always thought meditation had to be done with my legs crossed and a super straight back. It doesn’t. When I meditated like this I couldn’t forget my body and relax. Your favourite chair at home is perfect, because you can minimise distractions, relax and start to explore what meditation is really about – an internal experience of peace. Meditation is not about how you look! It’s not about the “outside”.

The same goes with lifestyle choices. Follow a practice that is sensible about this, i.e. moderate, in other words. You don’t need to give anything up unless you want to. What serves you and your relationship with peace will become self-evident pretty quickly anyway. There is no right way to live. It’s your choice.

Meditation Opens You To The Adventure Of Life

Taking a meditation class is the beginning of a wonderful, never-ending journey. Meditation will give you the most practical support for living your life you have ever had. It will also bring you profound insights into what your life is all about.

Chances are if you are gently persistent in learning how to meditate you will look back sometime and wonder how you ever survived without it.

Have fun learning meditation!