by Arjuna Ishaya

It’s true – you can actually meditate right now, exactly as you are, where you are, knowing what you know, being who you are. The state meditation brings you to is a very, very natural state, in fact some say it is the natural state of everyone before we got lost in our busy lives and busy minds.

The meditative state is already within you. Buddhists teach that your Buddha nature is here, right now, perfect as it is. Christian mystics know we are already in the presence of God. Sufis say that the source of the universe is inside you, fully formed. You are already the end result of meditation.

closed eyes in meditation

Experience Peace Now – Stop, Let Go…

All you need to do is stop. Just for a moment, pause and let go. Gently relax into the sense of yourself, of your awareness, your being, into now. Breathe deep. Allow everything. There it is: A certain something.

The more you do this the more you will become aware of a field of presence, of unmoving, unchanging, silent awareness. Quiet, nurturing, all embracing, it needs nothing. It cares not which thoughts move through it, nothing can touch it. It is forever pure, the source of all peace, joy and comfort.

Closer Than Your Next Breath

It’s been with you always. If you have ever looked in the mirror and remarked “I don’t feel any different than when I was 5… or 18… or 35…”, it’s true. Your body may have changed, but you, the real you, hasn’t changed, ever. It will never change. It will never leave you.

And so you need change very little about yourself to experience it. Meditation is the practice of doing very little. Of not changing. Of being aware, yet totally relaxed. Accepting everything and resisting nothing. Of being present.

You can experience Peace right now because in truth that is all there is to all meditation. If anything, meditation is a reminder of who you already are. It is the practice of being that.

All you need to do is stop, just for a moment. Pause. Take a moment. Gather yourself. Breathe.

Let Go Of The Busy-ness

But that is what so many people don’t do. They go and go and go until it becomes quite difficult to stop, to pause, to let go and relax. Many people live such busy lives for some it feels strange, odd, to slow down.

We go so fast and go so long without pausing we forget who we are. We lose our sense of connection and perspective. That’s all that happens when you get stressed. You get lost in the busy-ness.

Meditation Techniques Can Help You

Peace is always present, but due to busy lives and the habits of the mind you may need a tool to help remind you. That’s where practising using a meditation technique comes in. A good technique is an easy to use, simple way for you to pause and re-connect. To help you step off, to let go, just for this moment.

Meditation is just that: Simply reminding yourself by dipping into the experience of who you are, beyond the thoughts pulling you this way and that. You remind yourself that you can meditate until you never ever forget again. Then you no longer need meditation because you have become meditation, forever connected.