by Saravata Ishaya

Why prioritise Peace? You may feel it’s selfish to prioritise your own peace, when there is so much turmoil and suffering in the world. How can we be at peace when others are in pain?

What I have discovered is that we are of the greatest service to others when we live from an experience of Peace. From this experience, feelings of appreciation, gratitude for what we have, love and compassion for ourselves and others, spring naturally.

prioritise peace

Simple, Natural Changes

More and more, what we might think of as negative emotions begin to feel less and less attractive, they form more of a sharp contrast to this newly growing experience of peace and wellbeing.

We begin to live more of our true healthy human nature. In this state it is not possible to live selfishly, we naturally desire to be of the greatest service to others, and can give this freely, joyfully, without judgement or criticism, but out of love and compassion.

Also, this is the best way I know of looking after ourselves, filling ourselves up, so that we can continue to give lovingly to others, and receive back in equal measure, fully in the flow of life, the flow of abundance and grace. If we prioritise peace we find we naturally share that with others, as well as experiencing it for ourselves.

Don’t we need to sort our lives out, and deal with our health or emotional issues first?

The great news is that we don’t. The Ascension techniques take us directly to an experience of our true nature, peace in the moment, regardless of our unresolved issues, health problems or the state of our bank balance. We are taken directly to this experience of Peace, when we Ascend.

As a natural side-effect of the mind and body experiencing peace, stress is released from our nervous systems, and all aspects of our lives, including our health, can begin to improve. Simply, effortlessly.

Isn’t Peace boring?

Absolutely not! From this inner experience you finally have the opportunity to discover and express your true nature, your true potential. There is wonderful freedom in just being able to be fully, completely you. This teaching is also known as the Path of Joy. Wonderful news – not only do you get to experience Peace, and Love, but Joy too.

How can we do this living in a material world?

Easily. This is the world we live in, and we are here to enjoy it fully. Prioritising our inner peace first, we discover that from there the whole of life is to be appreciated and enjoyed.

By experiencing fulfilment within, we no longer need to seek outside of ourselves to feel whole and complete, and so we are free to explore this wonderful life as a constantly evolving adventure, new in each moment.

Isn’t this too good to be true?

It sounds it certainly. But it is true. As Bright Path Ishayas we teach from our own experience.

My own experience is that my practice of Ascension gets easier and easier, more and more simple, more and more effective. As a result I not only experience increasing inner peace, but also I am more focussed, I have greater clarity, I am more efficient, and my relationships with others are more loving and kind. And life is fun!

It’s true for me, and it can be true for you, if this is your heart’s desire. It all begins with a simple choice – to prioritise peace.