The Golden Halo

At the age of 8 I remember having intense and recurrent experiences of what now I know as “the present moment”.  This experiences weren’t scary, but they left me in a limbo I couldn’t put into words. At other times I thought I was going crazy, no one in my family appeared to have this […]

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The Heroic Quest

The other day a new Ascender came to me; he was experiencing a massive stress release, feeling attacked and bombarded by his thoughts. So I gently said what every teacher says, “Choose for an Ascension Attitude”. He kind of looked at me in a dazed sort of a way which reminded me of how, once […]

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Free Hugs Experience

Our intention was to stand in The Peace Gardens in Sheffield City Centre and give FREE HUGS to passersby, however we didn’t actually make it that far as we were so busy giving FREE HUGS along the way! There were people who ran towards us with open arms wanting a hug, people who at first […]

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the divine fruits of meditation

The Divine Fruits Of Meditation

by Garuda Ishaya The benefits of meditation are open to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. The reason this is so is because true meditation is one’s natural state of being. This state exists within every person, as a direct experience of Still, Silent Awareness. If you can imagine, your natural state is rather like the crystal […]

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closed eyes in meditation

Meditation Is Easier Than You Think

by Arjuna Ishaya It’s true – you can actually meditate right now, exactly as you are, where you are, knowing what you know, being who you are. The state meditation brings you to is a very, very natural state, in fact some say it is the natural state of everyone before we got lost in […]

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prioritise peace

Why You Should Prioritise Peace

by Saravata Ishaya Why prioritise Peace? You may feel it’s selfish to prioritise your own peace, when there is so much turmoil and suffering in the world. How can we be at peace when others are in pain? What I have discovered is that we are of the greatest service to others when we live […]

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Stress and Meditation

Meditate For Stress Reduction

by Sutratman Ishaya Stress and meditation are two words that surprisingly do not often show up in the same sentence, despite meditating being such a powerful cure for anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Closed-eye sitting meditation have ben proven to promote physical rest and rejuvenation. Using meditation teaches us how to think less about the past […]

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meditation for insomnia

Meditation For Insomnia

by Sutratman Ishaya Using meditation for insomnia can enable you to gently drift off into a deep and restful sleep at night. Insomnia is a very common problem in today’s world. Busy schedules, constant stimulation, and increasingly stressful demands on our time are all leading to increasingly busy minds that find it hard to switch […]

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meditation and health

Meditation And Health

by Sutratman Ishaya Meditation and health are intrinsically linked. In order for you to experience true health and vitality it is vital that your body gets sufficient rest to be able to perform many of its healing functions. On top of that, it is highly beneficial for you to reduce the harmful effects of chronic […]

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meditation for anxiety relief

Letting Go Of Anxiety With Meditation

by Sutratman Ishaya Greater peace of mind is possible when using meditation to get relief from relief. Anxiety, also known as worry or angst, is a psychological and physiological state brought about by thinking about things that cause concern. Due to the mind-body connection, the physical effects of anxiety include heart palpitations, muscle tension, fatigue, […]

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